Hello, it’s me again!


Time flies when you’re having fun is basically the motto of my last six months. I went from puppy training and lapping up summer in Chicago to suddenly it being a new year with new goals. I already know this is going to be another crazy, hectic, adventurous year but I am up for the challenge. I thought I would treat my first post back since my six-month hiatus as a bit of a catch up, so here’s what I want to catch you up on:

  1. What I’ve been up to
  2. Chester
  3. New Year’s resolutions
  4. Two years married
  5. Favourite things

IMG_1029I’ve been up to a lot. Since I last updated this space, I have traveled home to Nova Scotia twice, flew to Orlando for a little getaway with J once, then just last month I met up with my mom and sister in Miami for a one-week cruise through the Western Caribbean. I dyed my hair brown, then promptly started the process of going back to blonde again (ugh – never let me dye my hair dark again). One of my best friends visited for a fun weekend of Chicago-seeing, thrift shopping and eating. I saw my first-true-love KELLY CLARKSON in concert (and cried for a week after). I have been writing a lot for a lifestyle website and spending (admittedly not enough) time working on my Google certifications. I was interviewed on national radio about an opinion piece I wrote. J and I spent our IMG_0898second Christmas in Chicago – and it was perfect. It’s a lot of fun creating our own traditions even if we end up missing family and friends during the holiday season. We’ve also been sorting through immigration matters and figuring out what our ideal situation is (this is a very simplified way of putting it). We talk about our relationship, personal goals and future a lot these days – and while it can be overwhelming, it’s also a really exciting topic (and important to revisit in a seven year relationship).

IMG_1056Chester is doing wonderfully. He is literally a shining, bright light in our every day life. He will be 11 months in less than two weeks and it’s amazing to see how much he’s grown. While he loves to test our patience (and still has an affinity for collecting our socks and underwear in his lair under the bed), it’s amazing to see how quickly he picks up on commands. I always thought it was strange when people referred to their dogs as their best friends but now I get it. I couldn’t imagine my days (especially as a freelance writer working from home) without him. There are mornings we don’t get along at all, but it’s all worth it in the moments when he’s curled up at my side (as he is right now) like the loyal bestie he is.

IMG_9208As a committed annual resolutioner, this year I decided to forgo New Year’s resolutions and set some intentions for the upcoming year instead. Some of those intentions include: taking my health more seriously (this goes for all aspects of health – working out, respecting my sensitivities and keeping dentist appointments), writing more (for myself and for online audiences), completing my certifications, and being more patient as a whole (with other people, with myself, with institutional processes, etc.). I’ll probably talk more about these intentions in future posts!


Two freaking years married. That’s right. J and I have been married for 730 days, 17,520 hours, 1,051,200 minutes. I’ll spare you the seconds. It’s cool being married to someone for two years. I’ve never felt closer to another human being in my life – or felt like there was anyone more on my team than him.

We talk a lot, laugh a lot and argue sometimes. If anything, two years of marriage has taught me how special it is to find your person and to never assume you know exactly what they’re thinking. I’ve also learned I’m great at compromise (so long as I’m not the one compromising… which brings me back to my intention of practicing patience this year). J and I celebrated in our usual way: with brunch, cocktails and unusual gifts (I gave him a manually-operated pasta maker… sexy). In all seriousness, after almost seven years of knowing each other and – especially – in our adventurous lifestyle, I feel lucky to call J my home.


2017 was a doozy in certain aspects but one thing it did help with is find some of my new (and most definitely) lifelong favourite things. You know when you meet someone (or in this case, thing) and you think ‘you are going to be mine forever’ (just me? is that weird?). I had a lot of these moments in 2017. More specifically since we last talked. But I’m going to save that reveal for another post. Stay tuned this week!

So since it’s been six months, I need to ask – how are you doing? I hope 2017 treated you well. I am so happy to (finally) say I’m back!


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Krista Thurrott is the mind behind My life without dessert. A self-professed morning person, daydreamer and beauty junkie with an affinity for food, travel and fitness.

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