My at-home uniform

I’d be lying if I said my weekday uniform hasn’t changed much since I swapped my office job for the freelance lifestyle. Blazers, tailored pants and blouses were quickly replaced by my comfiest joggers, large sweaters and pyjama sets. It wasn’t until I was two months into my new routine that I realized the toll […]

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A few of my favourite 2017-2018 finds

Like I mentioned in my last post, while I may have been on a slight blog hiatus, I was not on a hiatus from finding a few things I really, truly love. I’m the type of person who struggles to fit new things into my routine – especially if they don’t seem to easily flow with the other moving parts. Luckily for me, today’s favourite items fit seamlessly with my routines throughout the day.

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The Jamaica edit: my top five pieces for vacation

summer outfit inspiration

Moving has me daydreaming of our upcoming vacation to Jamaica. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love packing because it gives me an excuse to purge. There is nothing I love more than going through our things and deciding what stays, what goes and what is donated. Moving to the U.S. with only a few suitcases however means there wasn’t much to purge, but it felt great to clear out the few things that no longer serve us…

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My winter beauty staples

I’ve always loved make up – you can blame this on the fact that I’ve always been a girly girl. I may have played soccer since I was five years old, but what I don’t brag about is the fact I was (almost always) the kid picking flowers and socializing instead of actually chasing the ball…

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My five: cozy weather sweaters

Zara sweater

It’s hitting around that time of year when we start each day with a mental count down to spring. J has started stating every time there’s a cold wind or ice on the sidewalk “we’re almost to summer now.” While that may be optimistic, I’m hanging on to the remaining cool days, remember when the summer heat was too hot to walk outside unless it was between patios and drink specials. I’ve never really loved the heat, coming from Canada’s East Coast, I grew accustomed to wet, moderate summers where we enjoyed the rare days above 30°C but much preferred when the evenings cooled down and we bundled up around the campfire…

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A love letter to winter skincare

Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream

If we’re anything alike, you most likely have your winter skincare routine down to a system by now. The cold, harsh winter always dries out my skin and leave me thirsty (ha) for hydration. While the products I use each year tend to change up every once in a while, my system remains pretty much the same.

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Meet Krista

Hola de Málaga, España!

Hello! I’m Krista, the mind behind my life without dessert, and self-professed morning person and beauty junkie…

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