Life update – cheers from London!

For those who may not know, I recently moved to London with my husband, J. It was a big move and boy, have I realized some ‘things’ (to take a page from Kylie Jenner’s book). 

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The power of female friendships + tips to keep in touch

With today being International Women’s Day, I thought I’d chat about something a bit more personal because these last few days/months have had me eternally grateful for all of the people in my life, but most specifically the women in my life. It’s funny how as we grow older, we realize the value of those die hard, unconditional love kind of people in our lives…

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My at-home uniform

I’d be lying if I said my weekday uniform hasn’t changed much since I swapped my office job for the freelance lifestyle. Blazers, tailored pants and blouses were quickly replaced by my comfiest joggers, large sweaters and pyjama sets. It wasn’t until I was two months into my new routine that I realized the toll […]

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How I planned our elopement in five days + five tips for your own wedding planning

nova scotia wedding photo

If you’ve followed this space since the very beginning, then you’ll know J and I’s love story is a funny one. We grew up just 10 kilometers apart, he worked at the fast food restaurant my friends and I would skip class to go to, and we had numerous mutual friends. In fact, one summer during university, I went to a house party in the city and J was there with his friends, yet we never met. I guess it just goes to show timing is everything…

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A few of my favourite 2017-2018 finds

Like I mentioned in my last post, while I may have been on a slight blog hiatus, I was not on a hiatus from finding a few things I really, truly love. I’m the type of person who struggles to fit new things into my routine – especially if they don’t seem to easily flow with the other moving parts. Luckily for me, today’s favourite items fit seamlessly with my routines throughout the day.

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Hello, it’s me again!

Time flies when you’re having fun is basically the motto of my last six months. I went from puppy training and lapping up summer in Chicago to suddenly it being a new year with new goals. I already know this is going to be another crazy, hectic, adventurous year but I am up for the challenge…

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Life update: where have I been? + 5 day meal plan

Dynamic trio at megan's wedding

“Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio? A nation turns it’s lonely eyes on you…” I know it’s not of the Simon and Garfunkel proportions, but I’ve been pretty MIA lately. It’s funny because when I wrote my first post after returning from Jamaica, I was so excited to amp up this blog even further with […]

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And then there were three…

A fan of poodle mixes (my last two family dogs have been half poodle), we discovered the schnoodle breed. A mix of poodle and schnauzer, schnoodles are intelligent, affectionate and clever. After a lot of research, J found a breeder in Illinois who was about to have a litter available and we couldn’t resist.

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The Jamaica edit: my top five pieces for vacation

summer outfit inspiration

Moving has me daydreaming of our upcoming vacation to Jamaica. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love packing because it gives me an excuse to purge. There is nothing I love more than going through our things and deciding what stays, what goes and what is donated. Moving to the U.S. with only a few suitcases however means there wasn’t much to purge, but it felt great to clear out the few things that no longer serve us…

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