A love letter to Ed Sheeran

I have loved Ed Sheeran for just as long as I have loved J. Sure, you can mock me for sounding like every other preteen girl in the world, but I’ve never shied away from my love of pop music. My affinity for acoustic guitar was born after listening to my first John Mayer album (or maybe my high school boyfriend playing something from the first John Mayer album) and has only bloomed since then. While that relationship did not last, my love for guitar and nostalgia-inducing musicians only grew…

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Making healthy baby steps and coconut curry recipe!

chicken curry

It’s hard to believe we’re already into March! I feel like January was just last week. I thought I’d write another health and wellness update for you all. Long story short: I didn’t lose the thirty pounds I was hoping to, but that’s okay because I think I’ve done a lot better. I have learned a lot about myself in the last three months: I’m obsessed with the scale, I don’t eat nearly as many veggies as I should and I’m still a terrible runner. But…

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Our take: cucumber elderflower gin rickey

elderglower gin ricky

I don’t know about you guys, but it is starting to feel like spring in Chicago! The weather has taken a turn for the warmer and I’ve been able to run outdoors, wear only a spring jacket and ditch my winter boots for lighter options. Does anyone else feel like their mood and preferences are totally dependent on the weather outside? If it’s warm and sunny, you can bet I’m craving a margarita – and in the colder months, I’m most likely curled up at home with an old fashioned…

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Exciting update and my apartment wish list

target succulent copper pot

Just under a year ago we started this journey – and I’m happy to report that ten months later, we are still loving this big, eclectic city. When we first moved here, we picked an apartment based on the friendliest property managers who were willing to send us various photos and answer our many questions. We moved in less than 24 hours after completing our American visa interviews, having never physically seen the space before…

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My winter beauty staples

I’ve always loved make up – you can blame this on the fact that I’ve always been a girly girl. I may have played soccer since I was five years old, but what I don’t brag about is the fact I was (almost always) the kid picking flowers and socializing instead of actually chasing the ball…

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One year

nova scotia wedding photo

When I look back at who we were this time last year, I’m amazed at the differences. Sure, you still have that tuft of curls that fall across your forehead and I’m still an over-analyzing ball of anxiety when it comes to dealing with the American visa system, but oh, how we’ve changed. One year ago we got married in a small ceremony in front of a warm fireplace and most of our closest friends and family. The wedding, planned just five days before, was a blur of laughter, tears and the certainty that things would never be the same as they were in that exact moment…

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One month wellness update – and Buddha Bowl recipe!

yoga stretch

I can’t believe it’s February already – January flew by and Chicago treated us to a somewhat mild month (compared to previous January averages). This means that sticking to my resolutions of treating my body with kindness through regular exercise and nutritious food was a lot easier. While most of my running happened on the treadmill, I was lucky enough to get outdoors a couple of times in milder (see: foggy) weather to train. And it felt so. damn. good…

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My five: cozy weather sweaters

Zara sweater

It’s hitting around that time of year when we start each day with a mental count down to spring. J has started stating every time there’s a cold wind or ice on the sidewalk “we’re almost to summer now.” While that may be optimistic, I’m hanging on to the remaining cool days, remember when the summer heat was too hot to walk outside unless it was between patios and drink specials. I’ve never really loved the heat, coming from Canada’s East Coast, I grew accustomed to wet, moderate summers where we enjoyed the rare days above 30°C but much preferred when the evenings cooled down and we bundled up around the campfire…

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Our take: How To Drink improved whiskey cocktail

Clyde Mays whiskey cocktail

If you’ve read my New Years Resolution post, you already know that 2016 was an emotional rollercoaster of a year – in a love/hate kind of way. I married the love of my life with the most perfect elopement, he moved to America not long after and we spent our first six months as newlyweds living apart. After leaving my job and moving to Chicago, times were still challenging as we navigated our new life. This period of adjustment (that I’m still in) made me realize the importance of finding balance in 2017 – whether it’s in my relationship with food/fitness, my mental health or how I choose to perceive my body each day…

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New traditions as newlyweds

Have you ever thought you were one type of person only to discover you’re the polar opposite? I’ll give an example, two years ago my now-husband and I planned a one month backpacking trip through Germany, Austria and Italy. We peppered our itinerary with must-see landmarks, hidden gem restaurants, budget hostels and five-star hotels (for the odd treat). During the six-month planning phase, I perused Pinterest about how to pack a 50L backpack, googled tips for hostel-dwellers and Instagram creeped the crap out of wanderlust accounts…

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