Life update: where have I been? + 5 day meal plan

Dynamic trio at megan's wedding

“Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio? A nation turns it’s lonely eyes on you…” I know it’s not of the Simon and Garfunkel proportions, but I’ve been pretty MIA lately. It’s funny because when I wrote my first post after returning from Jamaica, I was so excited to amp up this blog even further with […]

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Making healthy baby steps and coconut curry recipe!

chicken curry

It’s hard to believe we’re already into March! I feel like January was just last week. I thought I’d write another health and wellness update for you all. Long story short: I didn’t lose the thirty pounds I was hoping to, but that’s okay because I think I’ve done a lot better. I have learned a lot about myself in the last three months: I’m obsessed with the scale, I don’t eat nearly as many veggies as I should and I’m still a terrible runner. But…

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Our take: cucumber elderflower gin rickey

elderglower gin ricky

I don’t know about you guys, but it is starting to feel like spring in Chicago! The weather has taken a turn for the warmer and I’ve been able to run outdoors, wear only a spring jacket and ditch my winter boots for lighter options. Does anyone else feel like their mood and preferences are totally dependent on the weather outside? If it’s warm and sunny, you can bet I’m craving a margarita – and in the colder months, I’m most likely curled up at home with an old fashioned…

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One month wellness update – and Buddha Bowl recipe!

yoga stretch

I can’t believe it’s February already – January flew by and Chicago treated us to a somewhat mild month (compared to previous January averages). This means that sticking to my resolutions of treating my body with kindness through regular exercise and nutritious food was a lot easier. While most of my running happened on the treadmill, I was lucky enough to get outdoors a couple of times in milder (see: foggy) weather to train. And it felt so. damn. good…

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Our take: How To Drink improved whiskey cocktail

Clyde Mays whiskey cocktail

If you’ve read my New Years Resolution post, you already know that 2016 was an emotional rollercoaster of a year – in a love/hate kind of way. I married the love of my life with the most perfect elopement, he moved to America not long after and we spent our first six months as newlyweds living apart. After leaving my job and moving to Chicago, times were still challenging as we navigated our new life. This period of adjustment (that I’m still in) made me realize the importance of finding balance in 2017 – whether it’s in my relationship with food/fitness, my mental health or how I choose to perceive my body each day…

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My new American life

Post 10k race with family.

For the better part of my life I’ve tried to lose weight – from when I was in grade four and the class bully asked me if I was pregnant, to literally four months ago when I was down to the crunch of fitting into my wedding dress. I have tried it all: fad diets, weight loss programs, cutting out dairy and wheat, 30 day challenges – until I just didn’t anymore. After our wedding reception, I had grown weary of counting every step on my Fitbit and tracking every morsel of food that entered my mouth (except wine – wine doesn’t count, right?)…

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Meet Krista

Hola de Málaga, España!

Hello! I’m Krista, the mind behind my life without dessert, and self-professed morning person and beauty junkie…

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