The Jamaica edit: my top five pieces for vacation


Moving has me daydreaming of our upcoming vacation to Jamaica. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love packing because it gives me an excuse to purge. There is nothing I love more than going through our things and deciding what stays, what goes and what is donated. However our move to the U.S. last year with only a few suitcases meant there wasn’t much to cut, but it felt great to clear out the few things that no longer serve us. I’m sure J would argue the opposite, as a borderline hoarder (sorry J!), everything has sentimental value to him (fact: he has every letter I’ve ever written him stored inside of books and his desk drawer).

I’d say we reached a happy medium with our recent move. Our new space is a lot smaller than our old apartment – something we were happy about because the past space often felt expanse and cold, it was hard to feel cozy in the high ceilings and grey walls. While I’m certain there are people out there who could’ve made that apartment into a masterpiece, I fell extremely flat.

But one thing I haven’t fallen flat on is daydreaming of spring – or in my case, Jamaica – outfits. In just over a month, we leave for my sister’s destination wedding in Jamaica and I’m daydreaming of all the beachy, floral outfits my heart desires. Rather than do a post on my current five favourites, I decided to make a dream list of five things I’d love to introduce to my closet before our sunny vacation in the Caribbean.

  1. Pinstripe off-the-shoulder blouse (Anthropologie) – After buying my first OTS shirt last summer, I was praying this style would still be popular this year. The dreamy bow detail makes this shirt even more beautiful.
  2. Denim jacket (Uniqlo) – Full disclosure, I already own this jacket. J bought it for me last weekend and the fit is perfect for layering. It looks great over a summer dress or my favourite tee – it’ll be perfect for cooler evenings after the sun sets (as someone who is perpetually cold).
  3. Peachy palm circus dress (Show Me Your Mumu) – I first saw this dress in a Gal Meets Glam post and I’ve been obsessed ever since. This style of dress is flattering on most body types and the print has me dreaming of hot sun and towering palm trees.
  4. Scallop hem shorts (Madewell) – I actually bought these shorts a few years ago but they have been a summer staple since the very beginning and it felt wrong to leave them out of this post. Neutral black means you can pair them with anything – dressing them up or down. I love tucking a white tee into them or pairing them with my converse – the scalloping adds a feminine detail to any casual outfit.
  5. Belted maxi dress (Eliza J) – I’ll be the first to admit that my 5’1 frame is often swallowed up by maxi dresses but two details caught my eye about this specific dress. The belted waist adds shape to the dress and it comes in petite sizing, meaning it’s short-girl-friendly! Plus, airy chiffon is perfect for a beachy destination.

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Krista Thurrott is the mind behind My life without dessert. A self-professed morning person, daydreamer and beauty junkie with an affinity for food, travel and fitness.

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