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Hola de Málaga, España!

Welcome to! I’m Krista, the mind behind My Life Without Dessert, and self-professed morning person, daydreamer and beauty junkie. I love a lot of things – see: pizza, (sometimes) running, cable knit sweaters and travel – and this small space on the internet is an outlet to talk about some of those things.

When I’m not writing or perusing the beauty aisle of the local drugstore, I’m usually scribbling down to-do lists, planning my next trip, attempting a new workout or baking my favourite dessert.

Join me on my adventure through life in a new country and my never-ending hunt for the perfect mascara!

About My Life Without Dessert.

My Life Without Dessert was born once my husband (of two months) moved to the U.S. for a job opportunity. A good friend of mine once referred to a period in her life as the brunch phase. It always stuck with me. After eloping in February 2016, I referred to this new stage as the dessert phase, and sitting in the Billy Bishop airport two weeks after helping my husband move to America – just hours after saying an indefinite ‘see you later’ – I decided to start this blog.

“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.” – Albus Dumbledore

With a love of baking and an infinite quest to lose 20 lbs – My Life Without Dessert is a lifestyle blog that talks about my favourite things: food, wellness, beauty and travel. While I’m now living permanently with my husband in America, My Life Without Dessert will chronicle this new adventure as a former journalist and PR girl. Learning to love to cook and run, equally, My Life Without Dessert is my journey through wellness, beauty, travel and happiness. Explore with me as I taste, love, experience and create in this new adventure!

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Krista Thurrott is the mind behind My life without dessert. A self-professed morning person, daydreamer and beauty junkie with an affinity for food, travel and fitness.

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